Out Front Power was founded in 2004 as “ATG Small Engine” to support All Terrain Grounds Maintenance, our sister company and largest maintenance contractor in North Dakota. As All Terrain grew rapidly in the early to mid 2000’s, they needed a shop that could keep up with their expanding fleet of Walker Mowers. The only solution that provided All Terrain with the 100% support commitment they needed was to open a dealership of their own.

In January of 2013, ATG re-branded into “Out Front Power Equipment”. The name change better reflects the company’s goal of remaining out in front of industry trends, equipment, and support, all while giving a very direct nod to Walker Mowers’ tagline of “out front mowing”. The company’s typefaces and colors are also the exact same as those of Walker Manufacturing.

The efficiency, quality of cut, durability, and grass-­handling capabilities of the Walker Mower helped All Terrain grow the mowing business, and other contractors began to take notice of the results and started purchasing Walker Mowers from Out Front Power. Out Front decided from day one to treat those contractors just as they would treat All-Terrain, and guaranteed that other non-­All Terrain equipment received priority treatment.

To this day, Walker Mowers are the far-and-­away #1 choice of commercial mowing contractors in the Fargo­/Moorhead area. While technically All Terrain may be considered their “competitor,” contractors understand Out Front’s 100% commitment to supporting the contracting business and work with All Terrain as partners. All Terrain and Out Front remain two separate businesses under the same ownership.

Out Front Power operates under four key values:

Being Real: No hype, overselling, or empty promises. We are honest with our customers, team members, and vendors, and we ask the same in return.

Team: As our most important asset, we invest in their growth and development as team members and as individuals.

Customer Experience: We strive to make the customer experience the best in the industry.

Give Back: We’ve been blessed and we want to be a blessing.