Out Front Power Equipment is a focused, unique, commercial­-driven dealership that is dedicated to 100% support of the Walker Mower and Scag Mower brands. We support contractors throughout North Dakota and Northwest Minnesota.

Fewer products = greater support. We are not your typical equipment dealer that offers multiple lines, many brands, and serves a wide range of customers. We very specifically offer solutions to help commercial contractors and other commercial users maintain properties as efficiently and profitably as possible. We stay away from commodity equipment categories and brands, and instead focus on two products that offer actual, versatile, competitive advantages: the Walker Mower and Scag Mowers. By limiting what we sell, we can devote the most resources to offering 100% support, and therefore a superior customer experience. We’re in this to build long-­term customer relationships, and this is the only way.

What is 100% Support?

  • ­A complete line of products at the store, not just in a catalog or website.
  • ­Demo equipment and a “try before you buy” policy.
  • ­All potential parts in stock (not just belts, blades, and filters).
  • ­Factory ­trained technicians for technical support and warranty.
  • ­Dedicated down-­time loaner equipment, guaranteed.
  • ­Same ­day or next morning pre­-route turnaround on repairs.
  •  ­7:00 am or earlier opening times to start your day off right.
  • Technical training for you and your staff.
  • ­Trades encouraged and accepted to upgrade your equipment.
  • Store events to thank and build up the local community of users.
  • Financing options to help you get the equipment you need.
  • Carefully ­picked OEM partners that will stand behind the products they sell.

Note: 1 in 5 units we sell is to a home or acreage owner. If you are a homeowner looking to buy a commercial product and receive commercial service, you are more than welcome at Out Front Power. We appreciate a customer that’s looking for the best. Just know that if your piece of equipment breaks at the exact same time as a commercial user, we will fix the commercial unit first. But don’t worry, yours will be fixed next, and you’ll have access to our loaner machines, just as a contractor would.