Looking to get an early start on next spring? Have a few extra bucks you’re looking to spend before the end of the calendar year for tax purposes? Even though it is the end of the mowing season, it is still a great time to purchase a quality used Walker Mower. The T25 is Walker’s flagship mower providing the consumer a versatile machine that works year round.

Whether you are looking to buy your first Walker mower or to buy a mower as a backup mower for your fleet, a used Walker mower gives you all the benefits that a new Walker mower offers at an even more affordable price. The T series mower is a collection style mower that gives the consumer the option to collect grass and debris and still be compact enough to fit through a backyard gate. This mower comes with a 48 inch collection deck.

This unit has 1200 hours on it, along with fresh belts, blades, and a new tire. It’s in terrific shape.

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