Ventrac 60″ Rear Discharge Finish Deck

Ventrac 60″ Rear Discharge Finish Deck

Ventrac is your one tractor solution when it comes to having one tractor do multiple jobs around your yard or for your company. This is an MC-600 rear discharge mower deck. This mower deck leaves a quality of cut that is hard to match. A 60″ deck makes quick work of a property. A few benefits of this style of deck are the quick cut level adjust. It is as simple as moving a lever to a new notch. So you can quick and easily go from mowing tall overgrown grass to short weekly mowed grass in a matter of seconds. This lets you use one machine instead of two.

Having the deck out in front of the tractor does two things. First, it allows the deck to float over the contour of the ground giving a more even and uniformed cut of grass. This also lets the operator get under places that a mid-mount mower may not be able to get into, saving time on trimming. Second, with the deck out in front, it makes maintenance of mower deck much easier and efficient. The deck will flip up, so accessing the underside of the deck is much easier and no more climbing under the tractor. Also having better access to the belts and spindles makes for more effective preventative maintenance.

The rear discharge deck helps eliminate clumping that might happen with a side discharge, helping to leave a cleaner looking lawn. Since the clippings are discharged out the rear of the deck and not the side, an operator is able to mow both directions along buildings, trees, and landscaping. Having this option helps efficiency and productivity while mowing.

This unit was a demo unit for the last 2 seasons. It has been maintained after each demo and is ready to go for the upcoming season.

Sale Price: $3,370