Ventrac 4500

Ventrac 4500

Ventrac Tractors is your one tractor solution. The versatility of the tractor makes it an industry leader in ability to do multiple jobs with one unit. The center articulation and osculation of the tractor is unique for a compact tractor. This design gives tighter turning radius’s for the machine. The osculation of the machine helps to ensure that all four tires stay on the ground all the time for maximum traction. The all-wheel drive all the time provides the power to get through many different ground conditions.

Another unique feature of Ventrac is a system called “weight transfer”. What this does is give the operator the ability to transfer weight from the attachment to and from the tractor. This is used to help increase weight on the front drive tires for better traction, and is also used to help with the wear of attachment parts.

The 4500 series tractor is the leading seller for Ventrac. The tractor is their most versatile tractor and provides the most attachments to use. The tractor come in 4 different motor styles with most common being a 3 cylinder Kubota gas or diesel motor. With a 32 HP motor, the tractor has enough reserve power in help power through some of the thickest snow, brush, dirt around.

A key feature and benefit that the 4500 offers that many other compact tractors don’t is the ability to slope mow. The Ventrac 4500 can more any direction on slopes up to 30 degrees. This degree of slope is steeper than a children’s slide at a playground. With its low center of gravity, weight transfer system, ROPS, dual wheel flotation tires, and slope gauge makes this machine capable to mow the steep slopes and make it safe for the operator at the same time.

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