Scag is an industry leader in commercial mowers. Scag provides quality and durability to all of their mowers from walk behinds to their largest mower. Having a mower in your fleet that can give a high quality cut in rough terrain and slopes in the morning, and have the same machine deliver the same quality cut on a sports field in the afternoon is the pinnacle of productivity and efficiency.

The Scag V-Ride is an industry leader in stand on units. Stand on mowers have gained lots of attention recently by many contractors across the country. A V-Ride can help increase productivity by mowing tighter areas that larger mowers can not. With it also being a stand on, it is easier to get on and off the machine, allowing the operator to quickly go and grab a piece of garbage laying in the grass. It also helps to reduce the wear and tear on the operators body by using the operators legs as another shock absorber instead of the back.

The Scag Velocity deck is at the top of its class in producing a quality of cut that can not be beat. The patented design creates an airflow that disperses clippings more evenly to prevent clumping of tall grass clippings. The discharge opening is the largest in its class, which helps prevent clogging of clippings and

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