Scag is an industry leader in commercial mowers. Scag provides quality and durability to all of their mowers from walk behinds to their

largest mower. Having a mower in your fleet that can give a high quality cut in rough terrain and slopes in the morning, and have the same machine deliver the same quality cut on a sports field in the afternoon is the pinnacle of productivity and efficiency.

The Scag Tiger Cat II is the entry mower into Scag’s heavy duty commercial line. Get the benefits of the larger commercial mower in a smaller and lighter stance. The 25 HP EFI motor can give you mowing speeds up to 12 mph and the fuel efficiency needed for long days in the seat. The suspension seat with adjustable weight control allows added support to any rider by turning a dial on the seat to increase or decrease suspension springs.

The Tiger Cat comes with a Velocity plus deck. This deck is the top mowing deck Scag offers and is at the top in mower decks in the industry. The patented design of the deck helps increase airflow underneath. This increased airflow helps disperse clippings more evenly and further to prevent clumping. The deck also has the widest side discharge opening on the market. This wide opening allows grass to leave at a more rapid pace and prevents clogging at the chute and helps keep the underside of the deck clean. Having the beveled front edge gives grass time to stand back up before being cut by the blades.

There are many other features that Scag offers in the Tiger Cat II line that make this mower a top seller and one of the best productive mowers on the market.

National Promo Price: $9,599

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