Scag is an industry leader in commercial mowers. Scag provides quality and durability to all of their mowers from walk behinds to their largest mower. Having a mower in your fleet that can give a high quality cut in rough terrain and slopes in the morning, and have the same machine deliver the same quality cut on a sports field in the afternoon is the pinnacle of productivity and efficiency.

The Cheetah by Scag definitely does what its name says. The Cheetah is one of the fastest mowers in the commercial mower market. Having a high and low gear gives you the ability to travel at two different speeds. Low gear will get the mower to 12 mph and high gear will get to the top speed of 16 mph. With high speeds for mowing the operator needs added support and suspension over rough terrain. The cheetah offers a floating suspension system for the operators seat. This design allows the seat and foot pad to sit on bushings instead of being mounted directly to the sub-frame. This extra suspension helps relieve the stress on an operators body while on rough terrain or for long hours in the seat.

There are many details to this machine that help separate it from its competitors. Here are a few: Adjustable seat suspension, dual fuel tanks (up to 15 gal total), ROPS, easy access to motor, No-Flat caster wheels, Fully adjustable operating bars, tiger eye command center, shrink wrapped wires and wiring harness, kevlar infused belts, anti-scalp wheels, adjustable deck leveling, and the Velocity plus deck.

National Promo Price$10,099

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