Have you aerated yours or someone else’s yard before? Did it leave you dirty, exhausted, and leaving you thinking that you will never do that job again? What if you do aerating professionally, are you unhappy with inconsistent plug depth? Or wishing your teams could do more yards in a day?

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The Ryan ZTS stand on aerator can make aerating a yard a more enjoyable experience and make you more productive and efficient at the same time. By taking operator fatigue out of the picture, operators can get more done and be less tired at the end of the day than before. Having happy operators is a good thing.

The ZTS can help improve aerating quality by providing a more uniform and consistent plug depth. This can be achieved by using adjustable hydraulic down pressure to help penetrate harder and tougher ground conditions that were trouble spots in the past. The ZTS has also shown to be up to 2x more productive and efficient in applications. That can help get more yards done in less time.

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Be sure to stop in and see the Ryan ZTS in our showroom and see if it fits in your application. Or call for more questions. 701-306-2981

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